The Virgin Market: A Dark MFM Romance

Dream of me, baby girl. Prepare yourself for what I’m about to do to you…

Her Father sold her to me to clear his debt.

It sickens me but I accept her as payment because I see the lust for me in her eyes. How she wants her hands caressing my rugged face and ripped body.

She tries to hide it but she can’t. And I can’t stop thinking about what I’ll be doing to her.

Making that virgin body quiver with the numbness of pleasure. She has no idea the depths of my depravity.

But it won’t be just me.

Oh, no. That would be too easy. I have a partner who was also wronged by her father.

Together, we need to decide whether we keep her.

Or sell her.

It’s a twisted question – give in to love and keep her, or, punish her parents and sell her on The Market?

We both know that the innocent and fragile Sarah Carlton is the sweetest thing that has crossed our paths in a long, long time.

We also know that we’re going to savor that sweetness as we break her, no matter what we decide…


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