Cindersmellya: A Dark Comedy Fairytale Romance

What if Cinderella had a lace thong instead of a glass slipper?

The moment I walked into the club, we both knew we were gonna be together.
Champagne. VIP. Dirty. Sexy. Nasty. Just the way I like it.
But at the stroke of four, she had to leave me because of last call.
All she left behind was her delicate lace thong.
And now she’s gone. She got fired from her club for sleeping with me. She didn’t even know I was the Prince. Now I’m searching all over my Kingdom looking for her.
She’s stripping at a club. I just need to find which one.
All I have in my quest is that slip of fabric she gave me with the scent of her juices.

Bend over, strippers! It’s time to start sniffing.
Because this fairytale is about to get filthy…

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