Brittney Vs. Banker: A Naughty Angel Tale


What’s left to buy if a man own’s everything in the world? Well, me, actually… 

I knew from the first moment that I saw Kaden Charles that I was going to be his if he wanted me.
But does he really want me? Is he willing to pay the price for this jelly?
I mean, I need passion. Excitement. Lust.
I want the guy to throw me against the wall and f*ck me till I black out.
Kaden’s eyes tell me he’s going to do all that. But he’s playing it too cool.
I know this game. It’s one that I play really well.
So it’s me versus him, circling each other, trying to say “meh” more convincingly than the other.
Who’s gonna win when a blonde goes up against a billionaire?
Is there really even any doubt?

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