Blessed: A Bad Priest Romance

Bless me Father, for her very name is Sin…

Her body is temptation.
The knowledge she offers is forbidden.
The way she flaunts it, I know she teases me.
She wants to stroke the fires I thought I had extinguished.
But if I let it erupt, it will burn us both.

I’m no stranger to carnal pleasures.
Before assuming the cloth, I was a paragon of Lust.
Putting more than just sacrament in the mouth of every woman I met.
Those days are supposed to be forsaken.
But all I can imagine is Clarise on her knees.
And not just at the altar.

This is madness.
There is only one way for me to deliver us from it.
I need to push her against the wall.
And take her to Heaven.

As many times as it takes.

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