Woman of the House: A Dark MMF Romance

My stepbrother makes me sigh. My stepdad makes me sore. Yeah…I’m a lucky woman…

Sure, the two men in my family never got along. After Sloane’s mother died, his stepdad Drake got married to my mother. That marriage didn’t last but it made them my family.

So now they’re both single. And it’s time for me to play.

Which one will I choose?
The strong, silent, alpha who makes me feel protected?
Or the cocky and dangerous bad boy who focuses on my pleasure?

Why not both?

Who knows. Might be kinda fun. Teasing one. Tempting the other. Crossing into a land of forbidden delights…
It’s a tantalizing and delicious possibility that comes into the picture with the three of us.
But people are gonna be jealous and will try to stop us.

It’s a gamble.

If we win, it’ll change our lives forever.
If not, it’ll tear us apart…

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