Angel’s Secret: A Romance Box Set

I’m going to make you my princess.
Your throne will be my face.

I’ve watched her dance for years.
Admired her body.
But I’ve waited this long to make her mine.
She’s gonna be surprised when she sees me.
At first, her heart will race.
But I’ll make it better.
By kissing her on her lips.
The ones between her hips.
Take this angel to paradise.
Over and over and over again.

*** Angel’s Secret is a box set from your favorite Angels to round out the year! It contains 7 full length 60,000 word novels with no cheating and a HEA that have been taken out of circulation during 2017 and are only back for a limited time! It also contains an exclusive short story, Nut Cracker for your enjoyment.

The novels are some of the classics from our vault and are only being released until January 2, 2018 before the book is pulled from the store and these go back into our vault!

What’s included:

Like menage?
Fantasize about multiple guys?
You have no idea till you’ve rolled a seven…

Hit & Run:
Four hands.
Two sets of lips.
And two huge…egos.

Single TV Dad:
Send the kids to bed right now.
Because when I come on it’s mature audiences only…

Girl For Rent:
She says she’s only for rent.
She doesn’t realize that everything is for sale…

Client 5:
I can have any woman in the world I want.
And I’m rich enough to pay…

She’s my stepfather’s forced bride.
Fifteen years older than me.
And the mother of my child…

Man Chaser:
She says she’s a Man Chaser.
Well, baby…they call me a Woman Tamer.
Let’s see who wins, shall we?

This exclusive collection is only available until January 2, 2018 before it goes into the vault. So grab your copy now, gab a fan, and prepare to get your halo dirty!

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