WineBar: The Complete Story


As we start to leave the bar I feel his hand tighten around my wrist as he tugs me to a stop before yelling something to the bartender. I’m a bit frustrated because I’m hungry for him, anxious to feel him inside of me. Just looking at him, I can tell he’s strong and hope he will lift me in the air or some freaky shit. He’s so sexy, I can’t stand the anticipation and feel myself creaming in my panties just watching his jaw tense as he yells over the bar.
“Come on!” I yell, pulling his arm, but he doesn’t even budge.
Pulling me close, he whispers in my ear, “You’ll be coming in a minute, so just calm the fuck down.”
Holy shit, that was sexy. I feel frozen in my stance, just waiting patiently for him now. I love a man in control, but I know he’s never experienced anything like me in the bedroom. I’m no ordinary lay, and he’s soon to find out I’m more than most can handle. He glances over at me, biting his bottom lip, as the bartender scrambles behind the counter. The lust in his eyes makes me press my thighs together as my pussy throbs for him.
“You look like you’re already ready for me,” he whispers in my ear, biting my earlobe as he finishes.

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