Seven Deadly Sinners: A Reverse Harem Romance


 I shudder involuntarily, but I can’t tell if it’s from fear or something else—something that doesn’t make sense. Because how could I possibly be attracted to men who are about to take me hostage?
“Dad! Wait, Dad,” I say quickly, thinking rationally for a second. “You can’t just let them take me. How could you do this?”
My survival instinct must kick in because the next thing I know, all the crazy sexy thoughts fly right out of my head and I’m screaming and kicking and pulling away—to the point that Samuel lifts me up and tosses me over his shoulder like it’s nothing.
I look up into my father’s eyes. They’re so cold, and I realize that I’m resigned to this fate because even though I’m his only daughter, he truly has no love for me and couldn’t care less whether I live or die. Why else would a father let his daughter be taken by some seriously scary guys like she’s nothing more than a piece of collateral?
They charge out of the house into the crisp snow that is falling heavy now, with me still slung over Samuel’s shoulder.
What kind of Christmas Eve is this?
I was about to escape to my room with my book in hand for the night. I was going to watch this snow falling from behind the safety of my paned glass window in the quiet of the house next to a glowing fire.
Now I’m in the hands of deadly men who I can’t trust. I shiver, and one of the guys throws his jacket over me. Well, at least there’s that.
They may be killers, but at least they aren’t totally heartless.

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