Three Beasts

Having one beast makes you smile.
Two beasts makes you swoon.
But three beasts together?
Get ready to scream.

We are not nice men.
We’re dirty. Raw. Untamed.
Built like gods.
With a power over any woman.
Individually, we can have anyone we choose.
But the three of us all choose her.

She’s innocence incarnate.
But there’s nothing innocent with what we’ll do to her.
We see the desire in her eyes.
She beckons with her body.
It’s hot. Intense. Forbidden.
There’s nothing pure about it.

But there’s a price that each of us has to pay to indulge in her.
It might be too high if she were anyone else.
But for Zeva Harley, it’s a bargain.

What is this price we need to pay?

To own her body…she demands our hearts.

This is a 69,000 word reverse harem romance with a HEA and no cheating or cliffhangers. Bonus content added as well

Read the first chapter:


“Oh my God! Your cock is so fucking huge!” the girl says as she wraps her fingers around my cock. I glance down at her as she strokes me, flashing her a half-baked smile, and then looking back out into the main room.

“I just … ugh. Just seeing you walk in makes me want to drop down to my knees every time, Wade,” she continues on, not taking the hint from me. I grab the sides of her head and press her mouth down on my cock to shut her up. She accepts it into her mouth without any question, slobbering and slurping, trying to deep-throat my twelve inches and failing as she gags on me.

She’s one of the long time workers here at Honeypot, the biker strip club I own. She’s not a great dancer, but I feel bad for her, as many times as I’ve heard her life story, so I throw her a ‘bone’ so to speak, every once in a while. I’m getting more and more tired of her insistence though. She’s older than I prefer, and despite her great shape, she doesn’t have that stripper charm. She barely passes for a stripper, really, and I would’ve fired her ages ago if it weren’t for sheer pity.

Fucking ironic, huh? Most people cower in fear whenever they see me walk into a room, and here I am, pitying people.

I look across the table at Jason and Alex, two other members of the most notorious biker gang in the area, our own ‘MC.’ Jason meets my gaze and nearly laughs, knowing exactly what’s going through my mind. Alex would do the same if he weren’t completely blocked by the dancer busy riding his cock. A brown haired head pops up next to Jason from underneath the table.

“How am I, baby?” she asks, wiping the spit from her mouth.

“Huh? Oh, uhh,” Jason looks down at her. “Keep going, I’ll let you fucking know, okay?” I suppress my own laugh as he shoves her head back under the table.

This is why I love the Honeypot. No boundaries inside these fours wall.

“Alright, that’s fine,” I tell the stripper, ready to push her off my cock. This isn’t doing it for me. I’m about ready to stand up when I hear a door slam shut. Alex, Jason, and myself all turn to look at the source of the noise.

And there she is. This placed is called the Honeypot, and that girl … she’s the honey.

We are graced to see Zeva walking out onto the main stage in a tight black dress showing off every curve of her fantastic body. She steps up to the pole sensually, tossing her hips from side to side to tease every onlooker staring in the club.

And everyone is staring.

We all watch carefully as she peels her dress off, moving and swaying to the music. Then, she takes a quick spin on the pole that leaves us reeling, and you can almost feel the temperature inside the Honeypot rising.

“Fuck. What I wouldn’t do for even just a day with her,” Jason says quietly.

The girl on Alex’s lap lets out a light yelp. “Did you just get that much harder in me?” Alex only responds by shoving her off. He tosses her a wad of cash and shoos her off while pulling up his pants. She looks incredibly offended, but still scoops up the money before storming off in a huff. Of course.

“Yeah, you can drop that notion,” Alex says. “Being the daughter of the MC president means something … even if he’s dead.”

“Yeah, but you gotta admit, a virgin that fucking hot makes you want her even more,” Jason says, pulling up his own pants over his cock, pushing the dancer that was deepthroating him out of the way. She looks incredibly disappointed. She looks up at him with pleading eyes but he ignores her completely, so she walks away.

“Hey, we’re talking. Go get a drink or something, okay?” I say to the girl who’s been dribbling over my lap. I tuck my cock back into my jeans and toss a wad of money at her. She snatches it up with a shrug and walks over to the bar.

I turn to the two. “A virgin stripper though, yeah? Can’t be as innocent as she comes off when you talk to her, I think. I’ve seen the eyes she gets when she looks at a real man.” I glance down at my cock for emphasis before looking back to Zeva.

Alex and Jason can talk about her all they want, but I really know how to work a girl. There’s more than just a single worn out stripper begging for my cock. Girls throw themselves at me for just a chance to run their fingers down my abs. Hell I’ve walked into a room and had a man’s wife of 10 years hanging off my bicep in five minutes. And the little bitch boy thanked me for ‘kick starting his wife’s sex drive.’

Once a girl gets a peek at my bulge, that’s when the panties really drop. All I have to do is walk past a group of girls and I hear moans and squeals. You can practically hear their fucking panties soak right there on the street while they whisper ‘goddamn python’ as I walk past. It’s not like virgins are any different than old whores either. This one old, bald businessman dropped a full grand to get his 25-year-old little daughter laid for the first time. She wasn’t even ugly, just socially awkward. Yeah, I fucked all that awkwardness out of her. Two months later she was in my club begging for another round, and even a job. No way I’d hire her, but it gave me a good chuckle.

Zeva is a different creature, though. It’s not even about the fact that she’s the former president’s daughter. It’s that … well, she’s Zeva.

She’s drop dead gorgeous, and none of us had any idea to what degree … until she finally got talked into standing in when one of the dancers overdosed and ended up in the hospital for the weekend. When she first stepped up on stage she was a bit shy, but when she took that jacket off every single cock in the room hit the bottom of the table they were sitting at. That was when we all knew, including Zeva herself, this is what she was meant to do.

That was also the moment I knew I had to have her.

It’s not about the fuck. It’s about her. She’s perfect; she’s just the right amount of innocent, and she’s a fucking goddess among whores here. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of lust for her in my loins, but it’s a mountain I just have to climb.

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