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Baby Batter: A Baby For The Billionaire Single Dad Romance

She wants a bun in her oven.
Well, she’s in luck.
Because I’ve got the batter.

Lots and lots of it.
Thick, heavy cream.
What can I say? I’m blessed by the gods.
Billionaire CEO with a body to die for.
I thought I’d seen it all. That no girl could bring me down.
But Piper – ah man, she’s not just a regular girl.
She’s something else. Sassy and strong.
But beautiful and kind.
Forget everything else. I just want her skin pressed up against mine.
I know she wants it too.
I can see the flush to her face when she sees me.
So what that she says us being together is a business deal?
That’s it’s a baby contract with strict legalese?
That there’s no love?
I’m not stopping until her legs are shaking and her neighbors know my name.
Because baby, you gotta realize.

I melt in your mouth. Not in your hand.

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I’m going to make you my princess.
Your throne will be my face.

I’ve watched her dance for years.
Admired her body.
But I’ve waited this long to make her mine.
She’s gonna be surprised when she sees me.
At first, her heart will race.
But I’ll make it better.
By kissing her on her lips.
The ones between her hips.
Take this angel to paradise.
Over and over and over again.

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The novels are some of the classics from our vault and are only being released until January 2, 2018 before the book is pulled from the store and these go back into our vault!

What’s included:

Like menage?
Fantasize about multiple guys?
You have no idea till you’ve rolled a seven…

Hit & Run:
Four hands.
Two sets of lips.
And two huge…egos.

Single TV Dad:
Send the kids to bed right now.
Because when I come on it’s mature audiences only…

Girl For Rent:
She says she’s only for rent.
She doesn’t realize that everything is for sale…

Client 5:
I can have any woman in the world I want.
And I’m rich enough to pay…

She’s my stepfather’s forced bride.
Fifteen years older than me.
And the mother of my child…

Man Chaser:
She says she’s a Man Chaser.
Well, baby…they call me a Woman Tamer.
Let’s see who wins, shall we?

This exclusive collection is only available until January 2, 2018 before it goes into the vault. So grab your copy now, grab a fan, and prepare to get your halo dirty!


On the 12th day of Christmas, 
My true loves got for me
Well…it doesn’t even matter?
All I want is them
And for them to stuff their partridge in my pear tree…

Alyssa Morrow.
Pure and clean as fresh snow.
That is…until she met us.
Meet the 12 most eligible bachelors on the planet.
Self-made billionaires who trade in true love.
Packaged. Shipped. And sold.
Our bodies will ruin you for other men.
Yet no woman has ever tamed us.
No woman has ever gotten close.
We use them. Then lose them.
And now we’re going to show her how its done.
She thinks she’s going to conquer us.
Maybe she can tempt one. Tease the other.
But all 12 of us?
No way.
We’ll drive her to drink instead.
And what she gonna be drinking?

Let’s just call it…egg nog.

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Don’t Stop Now…Embrace the Darkness With all the Dark Angel Books!



They say I got a lot of pride.
Well, baby…they’re right. 
I also have a giant…ego.

There’s really no words to describe how insanely gorgeous she is.
Her job is to tempt men.
Well, she’s tempted me.
She wants to get a rise out of me.
Well, she’s causing things to rise…that’s for sure.
But Lizzie Bennet is more than that.
She’s got a lot to offer.

And I’m going to buy it all.

I can buy anything I want with my billions of dollars.
I’ve never bought love.
Never needed to.
I mean, I am Darcy, after all.

You think I’m proud? You bet I am. 

Women give that to me for free when they see my body.
My 8 pack abs. And bedroom eyes.
Sure, I got competition for her favor.
My rival, Wickham, won’t stop till one of us is dead.
He’s got his sights set on this Bennet Babe too.
He thinks he’s going to beat me.

Anyone wants to try to stop me doesn’t know that I’m going to play dirty.
Because it’s time to take this classic story…
And make it very, very filthy.


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Three hot bosses in a high powered office?
It’s the job of your dreams.
By the time we’re done, you won’t want to wake up.

We knew from the moment you walked in that you were perfect.
You’re so pure.
With a wild side that’s just waiting to come play.
The three of us can make any woman crazy.
It’s helped us become the top consulting firm in the country.
Made us wealthier than you can ever imagine.

But now we’re going to shower only you with that wealth.
And when we’re done wining and dining you we won’t stop.
We’ll shower you in other things as well.
With three massive alpha males, you can guess what it’s going to be.

You may be worried at first.
But you know deep down that the three of us will love you.
Protect you.
Treat you more than just an office asset.

Because this isn’t just an office where you clock in and clock out.
This is going to become a home away from home.
You will need to please all of us.

And it’ll call for lots of overtime.

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Don’t Stop Now…Embrace the Darkness With all the Dark Angel Books!